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Portraits of the Wind

“Portraits of the Wind” is a captivating slice-of-life story about frustration, grief, and happiness.

Before their paths converged, Xavi and Luma are two remarkably different people from two distinct countries. Xavi is a washed-out photographer who actively seeks nostalgia to heal his ailing soul. Even if his self-prescribed therapy is barely working and makes him more miserable, he still chooses to do it out of a fear of forgetting the past. On the other end of the spectrum is Luma – a cyclist who is on the way to become a World-Pro. However, her tenacious determination steered her bike towards a different path. Was that a blessing or a curse? She couldn’t tell. How could she if anger always clouded her eyes?

When these two inevitably meet at the hands of serendipity in another unsuspecting country, their lives are rattled deeper as they face their beasts of despair together towards a journey of friendship or maybe more. But will two miserable people actually find joy between them?

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